Back to the grindstone

Some words from law, specifically tort law

Some words from law, specifically tort law

So, Term 2 is upon me… and it’s back to the textbooks and long case judgements. I couldn’t find any cartoons that I liked to compliment this post, so instead I made the Wordle word cloud on the left.

The main goal for Torts B will the to consolidate and refresh what I learnt in Term 1, and integrate the new content that will be covered in this course to hopefully come up with a more complete view of what Tort law feels and smells like, and how it fits into the whole system. We’ve already looked at the underpinning concepts such as the primary goal of compensation for the infringement of legal rights, along with the secondary aims of vindication, corrective justice and loss spreading (among others). There has been a focus on some of the different torts that can be ‘breached’ and more will be covered in this term. I look forward to the further discussion on the aims of tort,damages and torts actions that are the focus of this term. The bulk of this term is negligence, so I thought I would get this first post on the road, in order to not be negligent in my duties as a student!

Finally, to answer the focus question for this first entry, I suppose the most significant thing is that I have developed a good system – I try to be organised, plan out the term, keep notes regularly, and make sure that I participate in the weekly collaborative sessions and generally daily on the forums.


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