Week 5: Assessment

This is just a brief entry to discuss the completion of the first assignment for the subject. On completing the first assessment, I felt quite comfortable in my grasp of the concepts covered thus far. The assignment focuses primarily on the international torts to person of assault, battery and false imprisonment. I have some reservations in response to one question to do with whether a case of assault can be raised, but I played devil’s advocate and based my response on the presumption of reasonable person in his circumstances.

At least I think I answered multiple choice questions for this subject better than I did for my other subject – I managed to get two questions wrong, and I should have known better. In fact I knew one of them was wrong soon as I saw them afterwards, must’ve clicked on the wrong response.

I don’t think I made any previous mistakes in this assessment, so I don’t feel that there is much room for improvement at this point in time. Probably the only thing I could do better or improve on would be to start to read a little more widely, in order to get a better understanding as to the rationale used by the judiciary. Apart from that I’m quite happy with my response and my progress thus far in the course.


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