DigiSpark Pro has arrived!

After a long wait (although with study and other stuff happening I didn’t really notice), today’s post was the Digistump Digispark Pro! Plus several addon shields including an OLED display, GPS, Wifi and nrf24L01+ 2.4Ghz transceiver. And the obligatory LEDs to make blinking lights!

Digispark Pro and shields

Digispark Pro and shields

Five minutes later (after a quick look at everything with a magnifying glass trying to work out what parts I’d ordered)… The leaning tower of Digispark was born (and a very wobbly tower at that!). This is what my first project using the Digispark Pro will look like… once soldered, of course!

Leaning tower of Digispark Pro

Leaning tower of Digispark Pro

It will display data coming from two sensor nodes running at each end of the house which send temperature updates to a touch screen Arduino unit I have had running for a while now that is on the fritz. Once that proof of concept works, it’ll be re-purposed to prototype a monitor for my solar system – tracking load and voltage of the panel and the battery. However, with the small size of this unit, and the variety of shields that Eric and the team of Digistump has created for the Digispark Pro, it is easy to envisage a variety of compact projects that could be made. Chrismas is early!


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