Back to Uni again!

I’ve gone back to uni after a few years, with a completely different direction in mind. Anyone who has been silly enough to be flowing my blog will know that I have interests in IT, electronics, and education. So you may be wondering “where on earth has law has come from???”

Well, there is no short answer to that. It has sort of evolved. I have a rule focused mind, and this helped me when I was working in the VET sector as it is all rule driven… and heavily legislated. So I suppose that was the first real formal taste of law. But more recently, it has been seeing stories in the news about different crimes, and different people going to court, and the realisation that I didn’t know much about this system that we are all working within and being judge by. And from the little exposure that I had had, it made sense… not to say it was easy… but because it is ‘all there on paper’… it makes sense… so the result was enrolling into the Bachelor of Laws at CQUniversity, to see exactly what Law is, how it works, and to see if I can make a career out it. You never know… it may link back into IT… and I could specialise in some aspect of law related to Information Technology… or perhaps I may teach law. My immediate thoughts are more towards community law… but time will tell.


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