Turning a flat LMS such as Moodle into a virtual 3D classroom

I was having aI discussion with a colleague earlier day about Learning Management Systems (LMS), and we started talking about the disadvantages and advantages of each system that CQUniversity has adopted over the years. Whilst talking about moodle, and how the current implementation is slowly being improved, we started talking about virtual classrooms and 3D environments. Then he showed me a paper about using second life in conjunction with moodle, which just blew my mind away with the possibilities. Especially in situations where remote or flexible learning is the only viable option, as this makes it so the student can access the classroom anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

White paper
Video introduction [11:28]


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  1. I find it dissapointing that this uni is behind when it comes to the benefits. We are (BLM students) to consider the learners different needs and learning styles and yet many of the classes are still chalk and talk, and the assignments are still 2 dimensional.

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