Will The Web Will Soon Offer The Best Tertiary Education |?

The web will probably never replace physical P-12 schooling, or tertiary education. But according to Bill Gates, university’s need to be less ‘place-based’, and be more flexible. And the most likely way in which this will happen will be through the Internet.
In my own opinion, this could be a step forward. However, for this to be the case, educators need to fully understand the benefits of the technology they are using in ensure they are used appropriately. For instance, simple ‘tools’ (I use the term tool deliberately) can either be used so the educator can say they’re using the latest flashy technology (Web 2.0), or can be used deliberately to scaffold and support the needs of the learners. For example, wikis can be used to help students remember the course material, analyse it, understand/process it and even create a new end product. Software tools like powerpoint can be used in the same way.
This means the real question will not be whether the web will be an essential part of future school and tertiary education – this is a given, but whether it will be a step forward for education!

Source: Bill Gates Thinks The Web Will Soon Offer The Best Tertiary Education


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