Sometimes the simplest technology tools are the best

A Tasmanian High School teacher. Mark Smithies, received the 2010 Microsoft Innovative Teachers Award [for Tasmania] for his innovative use of ICTs in the classroom. Mark took a mainstrean software package (Microsoft Office), and used it to create highly interactive games for secondary students.
What he really demonstrated, was that complicated software tools are not needed, it’s the application of pedagogy that makes the difference. He took the simplest technology tools, and used them in an innovative way to really engage his students. Another tool that could be used more effectively to achieve this same goal is a interactive whiteboard (IWB). When set-up and used properly, it is a powerful tool that can be used to provide interactivity and engagement in the classroom. Coupled with learning objects, and the ability to display a learning object on the IWB and directly interact with it on the screen.

Source: Tasmania’s Most Innovative Teacher of 2010 Announced – David Bartlett, MP


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