Could video games be the next great educational tool?

If medical students (or any individuals, for that mater) are open to learning with video games or virtual environments, could this be the next advancement in education?
For instance, virtual reality or virtual environments enable medical students to learn how to interview patients or run a patient clinic, or even perform surgery on virtual patients. So why this be used in an educational settings to provide students will the ability to go into dangerous or normally inaccessible environments in the safety of the classroom or their own home. You could do a class excursion to another country, do a tour of the solar system, or visit the bottom of the ocean. You could do dangerous science experiments, or your could keep working on perfecting the perfect sales pitch to sell a product to a customer.
These are just a few ideas I came up with after reading this article, and are just a sampler of what could be in classrooms in the near future.

Source: Medical students open to learning with video games


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  1. Re Medical students open to learning: even "the simpsons" noted the benefits of "Wii". Perhaps Wii could be used by those students who are having motor function problems. Sidenote: Wii has just added a new software called hands on-,2817,2367973,00.aspThis would be great for young students fine motor skills

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