Week 2

After last weeks overly long post, here is a shorter one to make up for it and to discuss the content for this week. btw, I was only about to see about 3/4 of the lesson, as I had another class to attend. In the lesson, Wendy

A major part of the lesson was about ethics, and netiquette (appropriate internet communication behaviour). For example, you wouldn’t publicly complain about parents not playing for a student to go on a field trip, so why should you behave any differently on your blog. And you wouldn’t go into a music store and steal a music CD, so why would you put a mp3 up on your blog to everyone else to download? Along with this is the idea of attribution, and appropriate linking to other websites and content… it’s ok to link to sub-pages of other websites if you have the author or website administrators permission, otherwise you should link to the main page, as that’s what contributes to their revenue.

The second half, which I only saw part of, was about using a wiki to make a higher-order thinking activity, using de Bono’s six thinking hats. Click here if you want to see what I was working on…

Finally, just picking up on something that was mentioned in last weeks lesson, I’ve also uploaded a podcast to demonstrate how easy it is to create podcasts. 5 minutes (3 of those were recoding the podcast itself), a usb headset (optional, but gives better sound) and MyPodcast Recorder and the podcast was done. Then about 1.5 – 2 min to create a new entry and upload it to podbean, as mypodcast.com is not a reliable as it used to be, and the job was done!


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