Middle of the year… yippee!!!

Well, I survived Term 1, got some good grades for my education courses (the ones that count, anyway) and have a good placement out at Springsure (south of Emerald). That plus I’ve finally had a weeks downtime before the new term starts next week, and the promise of a reduced study workload next term, plus some coaching from one of my lecturers before I go back to Springsure in school Term 4 to do my EPL3 means life is looking up! About time things started going right again! 🙂

But just to make sure that I don’t slack off and enjoy this lull time, I’ve also made sure I’ve committed myself to plenty of non-study stuff, such as robotics sessions/lessons at Bundaberg North Primary, participating in CQUniversity’s robotics workshops and competitions, planning and preparation for T4 teaching at Springsure, and sitting in classes that I can’t enrol in but would like to! At least I feel that I can commit to all this other, admittedly, enjoyable stuff and remain sane! And if I can’t, I can dump something to ensure I can keep going. So there is in fact method to the madness.


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