UK to make it tougher for Australian workers… really?!

According the ABC…

Securing work in the UK could soon be more difficult, with Britain cutting the number of skilled migrants it allows into the country.

However, what this article and the accompanying news headlines on the radio and TV fail to acknowledge until later, is that the United Kingdom (UK) is not doing anything different to what Australia and the United States of America (USA) already do.  And all they are doing is adding another level of complexity to the existing points system that is already in place in order to bring migration to the country back to the levels they experienced in the 1990’s! And in doing so, they are affecting between 5-15% of the people trying to enter the country… so why all the fuss? Good on you ABC… join the rest of the commercial stations in giving one-headlines that give the wrong impression, rather than just doing your job and reporting the facts!


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