Broadband at last!

Well, if it wasn’t for the speed at which our broadband modem was sent, I would not be writing this post celebrating the fact that we now finally have broadband at home. After having our dial-up cut off yesterday and contacting our provider, only to be told to setup a new dial-up connection (to no avail), and contacting them again and being told (at last) that our broadband application had been received and as a result, our broadband was active and the dial-up had been suspended. So, now all we needed was the modem. Well, luckily enough it was couried and arrived this afternoon, and after plugging it in and switching it on… I….. JUST…… WORKED!!!

Can’t say any better than that! And after plugging it into my wireless router/switch, I can now how two laptops + up to 4 computers (probably 1 for now) + an iPod touch online at the same time. Sweet! And with unlimited 1.5M broadband… it’s fast! Now, can I stay away from facebook for long enough then?!


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