More good stuff from the 7PM project

Due to finishing my exams on Friday, I have done absolutely nothing in the last two days except sleep, eat, and either listen to music, read books or watch tv/dvds. And I must admit, it has been good!
Anyway, moving onto the topic of this post, first up on Friday’s 7PM project was the amazing survival of the baby that, after the mother’s momentary distraction, rolled off the platform (in it’s pram, guys, don’t be ridiculous… babies don’t have wheels!) in front of a oncoming train. The driver reacted quickly and hit the emergency brakes, but wasn’t quick enough to stop before the train passed right over the top of the pram. ironically, the baby only survived due to the fact that it was strapped into the pram! At least the crew at the 7PM project had the good sense to not joke about this accident, and instead reinforced common sense… use the brakes… they’re there for a reason! The mother of the baby had the good sense to turn the wheel(s) of the pram away from the edge of the platform, but in a moments distraction, the pram turned and ran of the track… and understandably, usage of the pram brakes would have prevented this near-death experience. The baby survived with only minor bruising.
And onto another story, which was seen by people all around the world within minutes of it happening – the story of the little boy who floated off in his parents helium weather balloon. Initial reports said that he had either cut the rope and climbed into the balloon, or that it had broken loose whilst he was inside. It then processed to float across America. News reports varied, and people talked themselves into actually seeing him there in the balloon (yeah, the balloon is tipped at an angle, he’s defiantly on board… yeah, riiiight :shrug:). When the balloon finally came down, he was not there, and so the ‘rescuers’ believed that he had fallen out, and a massive air and ground search began. However, later that day, he was found… in a box in the attic of the family home. When interviewed, the story varied between having an argument with his father, to (and more likely), doing it for the show (a publicity stunt). The family are hurricane chasers, and have been involved in other publicity/tv stuff such as wife swap, so the most likely story is that the whole thing was a publicity stunt.
There goes the idea that people are less racist than previous generations… when you hear that black models do not sell magazines, and that even in Asian and African countries, white models are more appealing. Are we turning a corner though, which dark skinned women like Beyonce appearing on this months Cosmo magazine
I really enjoyed the visit by Seth Green, who stared in Buffy, The Italian Job, Austin Powers, and also co-writes and produces ‘Robot Chicken’ (great show, but warped!)… and even though he is a Hollywood star, he still ‘normal’. What are the odds?
Have to this one out on Danni… apparently crying as a good pick up line… or is that when she walks out on you telling you to ‘suck it up, Bambi!’!!! And after that little bombshell, the rest of that segment falls apart, as the male cast take every opportunity to cry on camera!!! lol
To finish off the show, the metro whip-round segment was good, with jokes about ‘my dwarf parties’ and how if have a granny or a dog, then you’re in with half a chance of picking up a girl on the weekend.


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