Nice end to season 13 of Top Gear

Just finished watching the last episode of Top Gear, Season 13, and it’s nice to see the timely mention of the Bathurst races and some Aussie cars. Also great to see is the turnaround in Richard Hammond’s personality after the near fatal crash he experiences back in , what was it, season 9? He’s gone a bit loopy, but it’s a vast improvement ,as, after the crash, he was a ghost of his previous self.
Interesting to see how the news managed to digress and talk about how well James would direct a porn film if he were in fact to direct one! And remind me to never, never, NEVER hire Jeremy to sell anything for me, as he has explosive tendencies (fireballs, bombs, speed), and James is just plain boring. All I can say is Jeremy’s violent tendencies lead for some very amusing advertisements!
Episode finished strangely though… sort of just faded out… appropriate considering the sad future of the Austin Martin.


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