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Hm, Lady Gaga certainly seemed to get everyone’s attention when she spoke at the White House the other day… screaming like a lunatic would have that effect! And I really feel sorry for women now, since they have issues with the amount of alcohol that they can hold… which is less then men!
And now I know why a car racing team should never be sponsored by ‘Jesus’, after the team that crashed in practice on Friday, Saturday, and after 22 laps of the Bathurst races on Sunday! Ok, like the next (sane) person, I believe that we are not alone… that aliens do exist. However, still haven’t had any real proof that they’ve visited us, and I enjoyed the reports about what I could cheerfully call a mass hallucination in Clayton, Victoria back in 1966.
Interesting to see Carrie’s interview with Michael Buble, who will be in Australia next month, and she all but laid herself on a platter for him. Nice to hear about why he likes Aussies – our self-deprecating send of humour as well as our strength in times of need. And now I know there are some real nutcases around, after, as a joke, the 7PM put a used can of Dave Hughes’ Red Bull up for sale on eBay, and reached a staggering final bid of $7,600.00. Understandably, the winning bidder refused to pay after find out that it came complete with cold sore herpes.


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