Google, Google, Google!

Been listening to the first episodes of This Week in Google (TWiG) and there are some really features and tips mentioned. No wonder it managed reach number one on the iTunes store on the first episode.

For example, a lot of the talk is about Google Wave, and how it will revolutionise how news is presented, and people’s expectations of the web. Can’t wait till I get my invite! Also, there was a nice tip about using filters and the labs canned response feature to create automated responses to emails from specified people, or with specific keywords or subjects. Cool!

Talk about HTML5 was promising, which will bring with it the capability to do stuff like play video and audio without needing plug-ins such as QuickTime or Flash, which I will appreciate, as my web browser will crash less!

And what about the google search sandbox for the  update to the google indexing engine… don’t see much difference in the results, but I do like the code name – ‘caffeine’!

I like the sound of the new ‘social’ features, such as following friends and other gmail contacts, and the send to feature, allowing you to send items to other sites or services, allowing you to, for example, post the article to your own site, or create a pdf from it.  And the ‘mark items as read after x days’ feature is well overdue, and very much appreciated.


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