Modern TV is corrupting…

Good, but corrupting! Just been watching Family Guy, and it’s not only representing Albert Einstein as a murder and a thief. but Peter is addicted with penises and has managed to turn Rogers and Hammerstein’s ‘The King and I’ from a 1860;s classic into a futuristic naughties trash production… strange how that version is more popular than the original, though. :->
Hm, what to say about American Dad… or, more accurately where to start… with Stan pushing Francine into the pool so she would stop embarrassing him and commenting on her now see-through dress, or maybe with Stan calling their gay next-door neighbour a banana crammer! What… the midget who played R2D2 is dead!? … wait a minute… there was a midget playing R2D2… I think not!!! And do straight guys really faint differently to gay guys?
Gotta like the life of Donie… fall out of a try and fake stupidity… you get to sit on the couch all day, watch TV, say rude things and every waits on you hand and foot. And boy is Maya cute, could just sit and stare at her all day! Really, just shoot me!
I don’t know how to describe ‘That 70’s show’, so I won’t even try. Just go and want it now. Really. Now. Watch It. Do It! Do It Now!!!
And finally, before I deleted ‘just shoot me’ I saw the start of ellen, and they were showing some ‘worst paid for pictures’…. so, what’d you think is wrong with this picture… and it’s not the pants! And that Ellen is depraved… she got 10 US university students to recreate that photo! Great fun though 🙂 And no, I don’t watch ellen, just saw that story and couldn’t stop laughing.
can you tell me what's wrong this picture


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