Hard slog for the next few days…

After a few days of not much sleep, there is only a glimmer of hope… my last assignment is due in on next Friday, so the end must be near.

There, I’ve said it… I can now move on! Only two assignments to finish by tomorrow afternoon… no pressure! 🙂

I’ve watched two movies over the last two days… ‘Fast and Furious’ and ‘Screamers: The Hunting’. Thoroughly enjoyed Fast and Furious… it is what the second movie should have been (but wasn’t) – all the original actors and characters, had a good story and great stunts. ‘Screamers: The Hunting’ wasn’t too bad… but the ending strongly smells (hm, can a movie smell?) of a one or two more movies…

Am just watching the 7PM project… any takers for the sale of Channel Ten? And water has been found on mars… but you’ll still only be able to water the garden between 6pm and 8pm… there is a bit of a water shortage! And what about the 33 year old who has $58 million… he certainly must enjoy what he’s doing to have got there! 🙂 And after the commercial break the world goes mad… they’re talking about women drinking alcohol before having sex due to a lack of confidence about their body image. Weird… Andy is exactly right… it doesn’t matter how great their boobs look, etc… as long as they’re female and have nipples… that works for most men! :). And what about the Indian cricket team’s coach who’s advised his team to have sex before they play… in order to improve their game ?!

And in the late news… gotta give it up for the daring robbers who flew a stolen helicopter onto the roof of a security company in Sweden and used sledgehammers to break through the roof, making of with a rug and cash, flying off into night. Not that I condone the theft… but it was a daring robbery nonetheless.


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