The story so far… and preparation for Friday’s class

Now that have submitted my chemistry assignment, and Brett has sent me a status update for the two classes I’ll be teaching tomorrow, I can start planning what I will be teaching tomorrow. I already have a rough idea how I want the Year 10 science class to go, and Brett has suggested a video that will nicely round of the “Energy and Food Webs” workbook. I then start with booklet four, and see how much we cover in the remainder of the lesson. So now I just have to write up the PowerPoint and lesson plan, which I am working on right now :-).
The second class that I have to plan for, Year 8 Core Studies A, is interesting, as it is a repeat class for me, as the last one didn’t go so well, so Brett has given me the option of him not covering that content and me having a second attempt at it. The only problem is, I haven’t been able to find any decent support material for it. I can find plenty of stuff on perimeter and area, but nothing that covers volume. So that one will take a little more thinking, and at the present time, I’m thinking of using the worksheet that I didn’t end up using last week, and just exercise a little more behaviour management this time :-\.


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