Unit Planning… exciting or painful?

Well, I have been hashing out what I am doing for my Middle Phase Pedagogy assignment. I worked out the topic the other day, changing it at the last minute from genetics to ecology. I know the year level, year 10, and I know which Essential Learning(s) it will be based on. I even know that I want between 12 and 14 lessons for the unit, or between 4 and 5 weeks of work, whichever comes first. Now all I need to do is write four of the lessons, do a critical reflection, and submit it by Friday…. um, maybe not!
Anyway, it looks it will actually be fun, so I’m now regretting that I left it late, and didn’t start on it two weeks ago, as last week was blanked out by my block placement. And I lose Thursday evening to planning for Friday’s teaching, and then Friday mainly to teaching. So I just have tomorrow morning/afternoon to write the lessons + critical review if I want to meet the Friday deadline. However, I also need to email my mentor teacher resources for the Friday lesson, so that comes first. And on top of that, I also have 6 hours of classes on Thursday… so not much spare time!
So I think that the this assignment will be held over for the weekend, and I will have fun working on it over the weekend.


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