Late nights are back again…

Well, you know it is that time of the term when the nights are spent bleary eyed in of a computer screen and your are surrounded by textbooks and assorted loose bits of paper, and the days seem to short but you still need heavy doses of caffeine (read that as three strong coffees or two cans of Mother to make it to the evening), and you walk around with dark patches under your eyes all the time.

Tuesday night was first of many long nights spent working on assignments, but I am glad to say that the end of this assignment is near, and I am on track to start work on the next two assignments, now due in just over two weeks. I have a rough idea of what is needed for Friday, when I’ll be teaching a Year 8 maths class and a Year 10 science class… but I need to get in touch with one of my mentor teachers in order to find out where he is at with his year 8 IT class, as he hasn’t been in touch with me yet.

I’ve just finished working on what I can for my Organic Chemistry prac report, and am in the process of selecting the worksheets that I may be using for the year 8 maths class, who are working on unit conversion, specifically when determining the length and perimeter of objects. I’m going to combine two different worksheets in order to make a more engaging worksheet, and have to work on the PowerPoint that I’ll be using to support the lesson either tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night, in addition to finishing off the PowerPoint for the year 10 science students on Ecology.


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