Windows 7; Good, Bad or just Plain Stupid?

I made to move to Windows 7 (RC1) just over a week ago, and I have to admit, it looks and runs great. It has replaced Windows XP as my main operating system on the laptop, and is a secondary operating system on my main desktop computer. It runs great, and so far, I only have two problems with it, and one of those applied to Vista as well. Firstly, how the hell are you supposed to browse workgroups? And the second, and more critical problem, and is probably a pre-release bug… why does my computer lock up occasionaly for no apparent reason, and then start responding again between 1 & 2 mintues later?

However, all things considered, Windows 7 isn’t being removed from the laptop any time soon, and I may even make the (shocking) move to it when it is realased, even before the first service pack!


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