The term(s) so far…

Well, I am out on placement at Shalom this term, and things are looking good so far. I’ve been there on placement for five weeks now, doing my one day a week visits, and am now almost ready to say I can find my way around the school without a map and a compass! I have two good mentor teachers, one in Science, and the other in Information Technology, and I’m also getting up to speed on what is been taught when, which is sometimes confusing with the rolling calendar that the school uses.

On the uni side, I’m a bit behind with Biology and Chemistry, due to missing classes as a result of timetable conflicts, but should be up to speed next week, as there are no classes on. For LM3, I’m ahead in my assignments due to the way the course is being run on Bundy campus – two weeks of work is covered each week – so 12 weeks of study in 6 weeks!!! And the less said about the first MD assignment, the better – I’ve done it – but I’m not too happy with what I’ve handed in. Hopefully I’ll pass, but at this point, I don’t really care! I’ve already started on the second assignment, and this one shouldn’t be to bad as long as I do the work each week as Kerry covers it.


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