Google, Google, Google

Google… You can’t live without it! It’s my email, collaborated documents, photo sharing, instant messaging, RSS reader, web host…. the list goes on.

First I started with Gmail, and opened two accounts – a fact I regret now that I know that full power of the labels feature of gmail and the special email addresses you can use. Then I started using the calendar for tracking my uni classes, assignments & exams. I had to do some group assignments, and so I used Google Docs (then known as Writely). I also using GoogleTalk to some degree at the time. I was interested in photography, so I looked at Picasa and the Picasa web albums when they came out. Then I started this blog, and also am setting up a website, so naturally, I’m using Blogger for the blog, and Google’s web hosting for the website.

So, there, now you know the story of my association with Google.


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